concert program

program overview

As least people who live with daily chaos don’t have to shake their heads and wonder why. Misfortunes, confrontations, reconciliations, chasing perfection and embracing imperfection are all part of every day life. Sonus has its very own Austrian answer to all these problems: “Alles net so tragisch” (Nothing’s so tragical/serious)!

The five artists shatter the concert-clichés of a brass quintet with their program “mezzotragic”. They open by presenting a false sense of security, offering different musical genres in traditional forms. Then they invite the audience to see and hear things in a new way, using props in unconventional ways

Whereas a traditional symphonic ensemble might explode with a grand finale, leaving the audience alone with hearts pounding, Sonus Brass comiserates with the audience in their mutual grief. Sonus Brass presents a program of predominantly modern composers for this unusual performance. The Austrian soul winds itself through the whole production like a thin red (or rather blue!) thread.

Folk-songs like the Austrian tune „Luag luag, wia d‘Sunna pfüati seyt“, the small, blue accessories on the costumes reminiscent of the traditional costume worn in the Bregenz forest, and a stylized mountain panorama are designed to give small indications of the origin of the quintet – Vorarlberg, the most western state of Austria between the big lake and the big mountains.

Music by:

  • Giuseppe Verdi
  • Werner Pirchner
  • John Cheetham
  • Johannes Bär
  • Dimitri Kabalevsky
  • Vladimir Cosma
  • Dimitri Schostakowitsch
  • Thomas Stevens
  • Antony DiLorenzo
  • Johannes Berauer
  • Murat Üstün
  • Alexander Arutjunjan


Stage director
Dan Tanson

Stage director and choreography
Ela Baumann

Technical production requirements:

2 parts with break
Total: appr. 90 min

Stage size
minimum 8 x 6 meters

Further technical requirements please contact

download: program folder