Concert programs

Exciting music formats, charming presentations, smart music selections –Sonus Brass concert programs surprise and win the hearts of people throughout all of Europe. The five musicians prove time and again that they not only provide music of the highest quality and variety, but that they are also always a step ahead with their ideas. These are the current productions:

mezzotragic moderated concerts
Family- and children’s concerts

Wide-eyed children, excited giggles, curious whispers – for the past twenty years Sonus Brass has inspired audiences with its specially designed and staged concert formats and has been awarded for its superb quality with the Austrian “Find it!” award and the European “YEAH! Young EARopean Award”. These are the current productions:

the metalworkers the verblecherbande
Church concerts

Touching moments, radiant athmosphere, moving thoughtfulness – not only in their home area Vorarlberg are the benches fully packed during the church concerts of Sonus Brass.
The masterful musicians fill these sacred halls with their carefully selected music programs and create unforgettably touching concert experiences for their audiences.

church concerts so far
Sonus & Friends

Surprising encounters, exciting soundscapes, musical friendships – whether in cooperation with accordion, cello, double bass, choir or orchestra: Sonus Brass is always excited to go on a musical discovery with friends.
These are the current productions:

programs so far