Stefan Dünser

Stefan Dünser

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Passionate trumpet player and enthusiastic networker

Stefan founded the ensemble in 1993. His creative mind knows no bounds: He’s always coming up with new ideas for concerts for children, program texts, and concepts. Stefan is known to many young musicians as “Der Trompeten-Fuchs”, “Posaunen”- or “Horn-Fuchs” from his publications of the same name.

Stefan was a solo trumpet player with the Vorarlberg Symphony Orchestra for 25 years and has been a solo trumpet player with the Symphony Orchestra Liechtenstein since 2011.

He is also a member of the ensemble “Die Schurken” (English: The Rogues), with whom he has won several prizes (Junge Ohren 2008 and 2015). As a member of the faculty at the Vorarlberg State Conservatory at Feldkirch, he teaches at the Dornbirn Music School. He loves to pass on his knowledge and experience as juror, coach, and instructor and gives lectures internationally.

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About Stefan

How did I end up playing the trumpet?
At the young age of six I got to hear the legendary trumpet player Adolph Scherbaum in a church concert. From that moment on I was totally hooked and my daily phrase was: “I want to be a trumpeter.” And that’s how that happened.

I’m especially moved by the music of (and why):
Werner Pircher – he is a real Tyrolean original, a role model to all of us. His passion for the vibraphone was clear in his engagement in composition and performance, as well as in his passion and dedication. He used to say, “I give everything to life, and life gets everything from me, even life itself.” Isn’t that beautiful?

I always get goosebumps when listening to this piece:
When listening to the choral piece “Oh Magnum Mysterium” by Lauridsen. I listen to that piece often; it comforts me and gives me courage for hard times. Luckily those times are very rare.

Worldly wisdom from Vorarlberg:
„Nit Lugg lo,“ – which translates to “Don’t let yourself go, stick to your goals”. This has also turned into a life motto for me. The beautiful things in life and the harvest of your efforts often come in quite late. It pays off to be diligent and always motivated!

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