Attila Krako

Attila Krako

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Enthusiastic trumpet player and our man for the media issues

Attila’s passion for music is what led him from Hungary to Vorarlberg as a young musician where he studied at the Feldkirch Conservatory. He magically melts the hearts of music lovers with his warm, colorful tone and impresses everyone with his virtuosity.

He’s also the media man for Sonus Brass: Whether it’s about cutting a movie for Youtube or selling CDs at concerts, in his hands all tasks will be taken care of. He is a member of the Symphony Orchestra Vorarlberg and the Symphony Orchestra Liechtenstein and he is a passionate trumpet teacher at the music school “Tonart” in the heart of the Vorarlberg Rhine Valley. He is a mentor for teaching practice on behalf of the Vorarlberg State Conservatory at Feldkirch.

Attila's CV

About Attila

I’m especially moved by the music of (and why):
Johann Sebastian Bach, especially his Goldberg variations in the early interpretations of Glenn Gould. When I listen to this music, time ceases to exist. For me this is music in all its depths, beauty and virtuosity.

How did I end up playing the trumpet?
At the age of ten I was still a young, passionate percussionist in the music school of Komló, Hungary and had to play my recital for the semester. Our recitals were on the same day as those of the brass players. My percussion teacher at the time was late, so we had to let the brass players go first, while we listened. That’s where I heard a young trumpet player play his beautifully shining silver trumpet. He had chosen the “Neapolian Dance” by P.I. Tchaikovsky with piano accompaniment. That’s where it hit me like lightning! I knew right away that that’s what I wanted to learn and be: a trumpet player! And that’s how that happened

I could never give up:
Music and the feeling music gives to me.

Home is:
With my family, my four wonderful daughters and my beloved wife.

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