The Verblecherbande DVD

Sonus Brass Ensemble - die Verblecherbande - DVD
The "Verblecherbande" (the metal gang)

or the robbery with the loudest bang ever

Everyone recognized them. Everyone knew who they were. Everyone loved the Brassboys and their music and wanted to hear them play.

But times have changed and now they are in financial ruin. They have no cash to produce new music and that’s a catastrophe! If they want to continue going on stage as a band they need a quick fix. The gang comes up with a plan: To get what they need, they need to rob the new city bank. Tonight’s the night for that to happen, the night before the official opening! Will this metal gang be able to crack the musical vault?

The power of music and how it affects us is the theme of this turbulent and thrilling music-comedy. The members of the metal gang are happy and courageous people who dream of having a never-ending supply of new music and won’t let anything stop them from achieving that goal. Although the road to secret desires always has some surprises along the way…

The story is told with lots of music, and without any words!

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DVD by Sonus Brass

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