Rocky Roccoco DVD

Rocky Roccoco

rewarded with the YEAH! Young EARopean Award 2011

A DVD produced in November 2011 and the outcome is magical!
Not to brag but… Okay, in this case we should be forgiven. The story contains a lot of music that has survived for centuries as well as a lot of music for the modern world.  Old rebels against new, two worlds clash – baroque and jazz.
A thrilling exchange begins to take place. One beautiful hour of magic and entertainment. Thanks to the fabulous film team from the company “Fuse”!

Price: 19,00.- Euro (including taxes)

+ shipping costs: 3,- Euro within Austria; international shipping prices may vary


DVD by Sonus Brass

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Audio samples

Titel Hörprobe
1 Michael Prätorius: Bouree
2 Tristan Schulze: Finale