rocky roccoco

Family- and children's concert

program overview
Rocky Roccoco

Rocky Roccoco or the time Johann Sebastian Bach met Michael Jackson

A Michael Jackson concert would make Bach and Handel roll in their graves … or would it? And what would a Rock & Roll star of our time say about the 17th century music of Praetorius? Would they fight and compete, or understand and adapt?

Worlds and eras clash together in this Sonus Brass performance:

Roccy Roccoco – A stage adventure that brings the genres together through musical passion and minimal props. Through this playful approach the audience members catch themselves realizing that all music, regardless of when it was written, strives to convey feelings and ideas.

Music by:

  • Claudio Monteverdi
  • Michael Praetorius
  • Georg Friedrich Händel
  • Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Michael Jackson
  • Peter Madsen
  • Tristan Schulze


Idea, Concept
Stefan Dünser

Stage Director
Dan Tanson

Choreography, Co-Direction
Ela Baumann

Kati Morutz

Philharmonie Luxemburg
Bregenzer Festspiele
Grazer Spielstätten

Technical production requirements:

Stage size
minimum 9 x 6 meters

Further technical requirements please contact

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