Harald Schele

Harald Schele

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Tuba virtuoso and solid foundation

Harald has been a part of Sonus Brass ever since the ensemble’s inception. He and his tuba set not only the musical foundation of the ensemble, but also shake up the group by addressing other issues that need to be taken care of. Thanks to his athletic prowess, he effortlessly masters the most complicated choreography that Sonus Brass presents with virtuosity, even with his heavy tuba. He’s a solo tuba player on the Symphony Orchestra Vorarlberg and the Symphony Orchestra Liechtenstein and regularly joins the Southwest German Philharmoic Orchestra of Konstanz. Additionally, he grooves his bass-lines with easy-going swing in his other ensemble “Mixedhorns”. He shares his unrestrained passion for low brass instruments with his students at the Music School of Tettnang in Germany.

About Harald

How did I end up playing the tuba?
My fascination with the tuba and its wonderful, warm sound came comparatively late, when I was 14 years old. My discovery of the tuba was two-sided. I tried it first in the youth brass orchestra in which I had previously played trumpet, and then in the brass quintet, where I had also wasted a lot of time playing the trumpet. The final nail in the trumpet’s coffin and my decision to become a tuba player was a concert of the Canadian Brass Ensemble. Two of my obsessions were born in this path-setting concert: my love for the tuba and my love for brass-quintets.

This piece always gives me goosebumps:
I always get goosebumps during Mahler’s 2nd Symphony in the final movement when the choir starts to sing right behind me…

My life motto is:
Tuba duba du