Of Wolves and Humans CD

Of Wolves and Humans - 2000

Star of this CD is Christian Brückner, the German voice of Robert de Niro! Brückner reads from the telephone book, accompanied by music of Werner Pirchner.
A thrilling mafia story follows, accompanied by music of Nino Rota and the final piece is “Peter and the Wolf”, composed my S. Prokofiev, inclusing a well-made text template written by Stephan Teuwissen. Of wolves and humans.

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CD by Sonus Brass

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Audio samples

Titel Hörprobe
1 Gelbe Seiten Teil 1
2 Homo Homini Lupus Est
3 Die Hauptakteure
4 Fang Sie! Fang Sie Doch!
5 Schlußbetrachtungen Von Zwei Dabeigewesenen