Andreas Schuchter

Andreas Schuchter

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Radiant horn player and our guy for social media

Andreas is our youngest member and brings new energy into the ensemble. He coordinates our rehearsal time, what gets rehearsed when, and how and he also makes sure that our Sonus Brass fans on Facebook and Instagram are always up-to-date with info and insider news. He is a member of the Symphony Orchestra Vorarlberg and 2nd solo horn player as well as a popular substitute in various orchestras nationally and internationally. He also inspires young musicians as a horn teacher at the music schools of Feldkirch and Brandertal.

Andrea's CV

Über Andreas

The craziest adventure during one of your concerts was:
When we played a choreographed encore and one of our trumpet players suddenly disappeared when he nearly fell off the stage.

Home is:
Schruns-Schagguns in the Montafon valley, surrounded by mountains and nature.

My favourite folk-song:
D´Brunälla (us am Muntafu)

A habit that I simply can’t get rid of:
On tours I always take my instrument with me in my room even if I could lock it up somewhere safe.

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